The HamadaBurger History

Hello! Welcome to HamadaBurger!

This has been quite a journey for me. I was once head of a major Hollywood Studio. We were putting out great, action packed and exciting Super Hero movies.

Only ONE person seems to be enjoying one of my films. That’s a SUCCESS!

This was quite difficult as I was always quiet during meetings at the round table. You see, I have a hard time speaking. My nick name was Silent W.

Celebrating after destroying another IP in a meeting.

After a great run trying to start up my HamadaVerse, the pressure started getting to me. I don’t know if it was too many Sarnoff shakes I was drinking (I invented them after a colleague was promoted) or if it was because what I really wanted to do was make horror movies. I mean, I already failed upwards.

So, I decided to retire and open up my own burger joint! What you are seeing is 12 hours of hard work making my restaurant. Right now we’re located in the back of an old storage unit surrounded by excellent scripts and pitches I turned down. I don’t like money.

A re-enactment of me ROFL at all these brilliant scripts I kept from getting made.

I hope you enjoy your visit here at Feel free to browse through our menu.

We just launched our merchandise line with T-shrits, coffee mugs, stickers, you name it. I would be ever so grateful if you showed your support for HamadaBurger as I’m still paying back my old studio.

And check out the fan made memes. We add more daily and you can submit your memes at or tweet me at @Hamadaburger. I promise I won’t throw them out like I did with all the excellent IP I had.


Silent W

We take care making our hamburgers, just like we did our films!

This is a parody website. Half of merchandise proceeds go to the AFSP and the CSPS.